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A Letter to my friend Tommy:

May 14, 2008

To Tommy Brosi (Tommy Rock):
I am going to miss your mischievous sparkling eyes. I am going to miss being able to call you up and say 'Hey what's up Tommy'. You are very special person to me and I am going to miss you very much. I have bamboo, fish, and trees that will remind me of your generous joyful spirit. When I think of you I see you smiling, I can feel you smiling even now, a smile that says hey lets play.

When I sat in the chapel looking at you today, ya know it doesn't look or feel like you. I wonder where you have gone. And at the same time I feel you very close, I can feel you, I can almost hear you say: 'Hey, what do you think, should I jump out of the box and scare everybody, Huh, what do ya think, Huh.'
You make me smile even now as I feel this deep sadness that you have left us.

Ya know you were to young to go on this trip and I am going to miss not being able to call you and say, Hey what's up Tommy!
Thank you for touching my life. I will remember to enjoy each moment when I think of you because the moments go bye so fast sometimes. Your moments were too short for me, I wish there were more. I guess we always wish for more time when a friend goes away, huh. I can feel you smiling right now, I can feel you saying everything is Ok. Tommy stay close in our hearts, we love you very much, thank you so much for touching our lives.

Footsteps free of space and time, I hear a song of peace and love calling me home. Until we meet again may you be held in the arms of the Angels.


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