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Shinzen Dojo / Aikido of Clovis

Martial Arts and Meditation Center

(Aikido Martial Arts for Clovis,Fresno,Central Valley)


We welcome all men and women over the ages of 15 yrs...

(sorry we have no childrens classes at this time)


(559) 323-1702 - Shinzen Dojo Clovis - (Anderson Sensei)




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Aikido of Clovis - Shinzen Dojo welcomes men and women ages 15 and up. Our training is mostly college age and adults and we all train together in a spirit of sincerity, cooperation, and non-competitiveness...exploring with each other the dynamic and fluid movement of Aikido martial arts and self defense.

Shinzen Dojo is a unique traditional Japanese dojo surrounded by a Japanese Garden located in the heart of Old Town Clovis.

Classes are kept small so students may receive direct attention and instruction from the sensei (teacher) Tammy Lee Anderson, who has been training in the martial arts for 30 years. She welcomes all who have a sincere desire to explore and practice the art of Aikido and Self Defense...

Shinzen Dojo is surrounded by the beauty of a traditional Japanese garden, intending to make real the link between Aikido and nature... Students draw inspiration and renewal from the beauty of the natural surroundings of Shinzen garden.

The beautiful surroundings assists in bringing forth different aspects of our practice...and we learn from the water, wind, earth, fire and void that surround us in the garden. Aikido can be fluid like water, finding the path of least resistance....being fluid can be useful in conflict resolution in communication as well as in physical defense techniques. Aikido can also be like the wind, that moves through the bamboo in Shinzen garden... sometimes wind can be strong like a tornado or at other times soft like a gentle breeze, both are useful in exploring in our practice. Aikido can be like the earth...and students explore finding a sense of groundededness and centeredness within body and mind. Aikido is known as the peaceful martial art but it can also bring forth powerful fire energy in its sometimes direct and explosive power which can be very useful in defense. All aspects of the 5 elements are explored and integrated into our training at Shinzen, and gradually into our dailly life.

If you are interested in sincerley learning in the old school traditional way of martial arts and not so interested in how many belts or degrees you can earn then you may enjoy practice here at Shinzen Dojo - Aikido of Clovis. We welcome you to come visit us.

All are welcome...Feel free to call and set up a visit and try one of our classes any time.


(559) 323-1702 (Anderson Sensei)




About Aikido


Aikido is a dynamic martial art from from Japan.  It was created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), also known as O'Sensei or "great teacher." The word "Aikido" is actually a combination of three words, "Ai" means to be in harmony or accord with; "Ki" is a word meaning life force or universal natural energy; and "Do" simply means a way or method of doing something. So, Aikido is the way of harmony with the energy of nature.

The purpose of Aikido is to teach us how to harmonize with all persons, places and situations.  By performing the powerful, circular, flowing techniques of Aikido we learn focus, timing, balance and how to center ourselves in an ever-changing environment.  We can become more attuned to the energy and rhythms within ourselves and to those around us.  The practice of Aikido fosters personal and social harmony.
O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969 Founder Of Aikido

Though the primary purpose of Aikido techniques are not for self-defense, they can be very effective for personal protection and is used by police departments around the world as a means to take control with the least amount of harm.  Through sincere practice, one gains great internal power and knowledge of the dynamics of movement.  Aikido techniques do not rely upon physical strength, and are defensive in nature.  The aim of Aikido technique is control, not destruction.  Whatever physical energy or momentum an assailant brings to you is what you use against him, or them in the event of multiple attackers.  While training, we strive to maintain a balanced mind and body, and explore attitudes and techniques which can keep us from harm and from causing harm to others.

We do not train for competitions or some future event that (hopefully) may never happen. We train because we enjoy the nature of Aikido training.  It's fun!  Aikido is more than merely just another martial art form.  It's a philosophy and a way of personal development, increasing not only physical stamina and endurance, but also confidence, increased awareness, and self-esteem.  It's a different kind of martial art.


You are encouraged to watch videos and demonstrations on Aikido some links are found below.




Shinzen Dojo Video


Shinzen Dojo Aikido : Aikido Shinzen Dojo - video link


Shinzen Dojo Facebook Page:

Shinzen Dojo Facebook page


Links to Video on Aikido:

Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba I

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Chiba Sensei Demonstration with Bokken



Shinzen Dojo

Shinzen Dojo, is a special place indeed and made even more so by the energy people bring in doing their practice here. The word "Dojo" literally means - place of the way. At this dojo, as an Aikido dojo, a sacred space devoted to ones personal development in harmonizing, giving birth to, resonating with the creative consciousness, life energy of the universe, the essence of love.
The word and spirit of Shinzen is made up of two words: "Shin" - heart, soul, the clear mirror of beginner's mind; sincerity with no hidden agenda. This is "reitai ittai", body and spirit as one, the spirit of life or our original nature. "Shin" means "core" or "essence", it can also mean both "God" and "faith", or the essence... of love ... The word "zen" is virtue, it can also be known as the sword of judgment and courage, the ki of fire, which comes forth as compassion for the world. Zen in Sanskrit is a word for meditation, in Chinese, quiet contemplation, the Psalmist calls for a similar way ... Come to the quiet, Be still, and know that I am... So Shinzen the courage and sincerity to come to the stillness within and meet the light essence, the divine essence, the true essence, of who we are... surrendering into love. Meeting ourselves with compassion as we step out of our hiding places and move into the light, a resonance vibration with infinite possibilities.....
Words often fall short of the true meaning and yet with these words and choosing the name Shinzen for this dojo I have set an intention for those who come here, "fellow travelers", that we might meet ourselves in all our beauty, form and formlessness, and have the experience of the word made manifest in all its beauty....

All that being said, in truth the dojo is not really a place at all, it is not a building, it is not a place, it is where ever you are now, that is the place, the sacred space of the way, into which we attempt to bring a beginner's mind, and surrender into Love.

Come and share your practice with other travelers exploring the possibilities of Love.


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