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Client Comments

Rio Waller
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"I saw Tammy after a major injury to my hand. I was amazed how much better I felt just after the first session. All fingers have complete moblity now. Also most of my life I had suffered from lower back pain because of all the years of work at the computer. I have been so happy with my recovery from ten Rolf S.I. sessions. My back pain is definitely not an issue and my energy is just amazing!"

Tammy is an amazing person and a great healer!

"After two arthroscopic knee surgeries, months of conventional physical therapy, and the daily use of pain pills, I heard about the benefits of Rolf S.I.from a friend and decided to give it a try. I approached this with some skepticism, but during the ten sessions I was able to reduce and eventually eliminate the daily pain pills. Rolf S.I. enabled me to start doing some exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees, and after three years, so far it has helped me avoid a total knee replacement."

Tammy is a caring and skilled practitioner of this therapeutic art and I am indebted to her for the help she has given me.

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