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Hypnotherapy assisting, adults, children, and teens

change their behavior for positive life outcomes.

Hypnotherapy can used for a variety of reasons...

such as decreasing anxiety, improving confidence, improving overall wellness, anger managment, reducing stress, fears, panic attacks, worries, depression, PTSD, Pain managment, wieght loss, quitting smoking...

The word Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word hypnos or sleep. Hynotherapists utilize techniques that induce deep levels of relaxation, or trance states. A person in a deeply relaxed and focused state is more open and responsive to an idea or image, but this does not mean the hypnotherapist can control the person's mind and free will. On the contrary, hypnosis can actually teach people how to master their own deep states of awareness and the power of personal intention and will. Through the practice of Hypnotherapy an individual can affect their own bodily functions and psychological responses. Hypnosis can be insturmental in helpng people master and guide their own levels of awareness, and facilitate improved psychological and mind/body responses. A quiet focused mind is a powerful mind.


Tammy Lee Anderson, M.S., LMFT can assist in designing a program that will allow you to modify your behavior for positive life changes and optimal wellness, in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.


Hypnotherapy Comparision Study by American Health Magazine

- Psycho Analysis - 38% recover after 600 sessions

- Behavioral Therapy - 72% recover after 22 sessions

- Hypnotherapy - 93% recover after 10 sessions


Feel free to call for a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about Hypnosis therapy. (559) 323-1702






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