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The Ten Sessions

Each of the 10 sessions of what Dr. Rolf called the 'recipe' constitutes a particular intention, carefully addressing the holding patterns and getting more balance, length and lift into a specific region of the body. While this is being accomplished, work in each session is simultaneously opening the body in a way that helps the work of the following session to proceed in an easy, effective manner. This is because the flow of the sessions is based on the natural relationships within the human structure. For 50 years Dr. Rolf observed, studied, explored and experienced the architecture, energetics and rhythms of human structures, drawing from both eastern and western traditions. Her knowledge is synthesized in the wisdom with which the 10 sessions harmoniously guide a body through the journey towards balance and freedom. The connective tissues are systematically softened and lengthened, area by area, session by session, until a new, more balanced pattern gradually emerges.

What Does it Feel Like?

In receiving a session of Structural Integration clients report a wide variety of sensations. At one end of the scale, there are often moments of pleasant relief, as if suddenly letting go of a tremendous burden. At the other end, there are sometimes moments of painful tension, which are gradually released. 
The experience which is reported most often is one of lengthening, that something is letting go and getting longer. I once was working with an 11 year old girl, working on the front of her rib-cage, when all of a sudden she let out a spontaneous “BING!” I said to her, “That was a nice sound, what does it mean?” She replied, ”Well, I feel like an elevator, I am going up. I just reached the next floor.”

What Can Structural Integration Do For You?

As the connective tissues let go and lengthen, one experiences a sense of lightness and freedom in the body. This is accompanied by an increase in one's range of motion, sometimes to a remarkable degree. People often gain from 1/2 to 2 inches in height. In general as the body opens and lifts up with the support of gravity, chronic pain and tension fall away. Along with these changes there are often psychological and emotional changes as well. When the body lets go of old hardened postures, people find that emotional tightness and psychological rigidity tend to loosen up as well. As the body becomes more resilient and responsive, the personality becomes more dynamic as energy is freed up for more creative approaches to the challenges that life presents. Overall, after receiving Structural Integration, individuals report that stress, physical and otherwise becomes a far less threatening element in their lives.


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