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Creating Sacred Space

Have you recently moved into a new home or office and it just doesn't feel right?  Have you been living in a space that feels energetically stuck, negative, or old?  Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy, including your home, office and its contents.  Learn how to cleanse your personal space, clear out old or negative energy and create a sanctuary that radiates positive energy.

Balance Body Mind Spirit

Structural Integration Therapy can relieve chronic tension & pain patterns in the body. Also known as Rolfing, Structural Integration can improve your overall health. A body which becomes more structurally balanced provides greater emotional, psychological & spiritual balance. This class is an orientation to the Rolf Structural Integration Process.




Hideki Shiohira, Shihan, 7th Dan
Pacific Aikido Federation

May 7 , 2011

Hideki Shiohira (born 13 march 1948). 7th Dan Aikikai. First taught Aikido by Shizuo Imaizumi Sensei in 1967. Born and raised in Japan he was dispatched to San Francisco to teach Aikido in 1973 by Koichi Tohei Sensei. He currently holds the ranks of 7th Dan Shihan Aikikai and 6th Dan Shihan, Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. In Addition to Aikido training and instruction, he studied Zen and conducts Zen training at Aikido Center in Mountain View. Currently Shiohira Sensei is the head instructor of the Pacific Aikido Federation which has dojos in Northern and Central California, U.S.

Shiohira Sensei, has been training in, and teaching, Aikido for almost 40 years. His lifelong integration of Aikido, Zen and breath training are embodied in his Aikido and teaching. He is grateful to all of the teachers who have contributed to his continued development and accomplishments.
Shiohira Sensei began studying Aikido as an undergraduate at Waseda University Aikikai under Shizuo Imaizumi Sensei. He continued training at Waseda during graduate school and had one year of live-in training under the second Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei. He also received instruction from all of the other leading Aikikai World Headquarters instructors at the time, including O-Sensei (Founder), Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei (Second Doshu), Koichi Tohei Sensei (Chief Instructor), Kisaburo Osawa Sensei, Morihiro Saito Sensei, Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei, Sadateru Arikawa Sensei and, at Shingu, Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei. He studied Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido with Koichi Tohei Sensei (Founder) for over twenty years. He received instruction from Hiroshi Tada Sensei after rejoining Aikikai in 1994.
In addition to Aikido training and instruction, he studied Zen under Zen and martial arts master Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi for over 20 years. He also received ten days of personal live-in Shugyo training under Sogen Omori Rotaishi, Tanouye Rotaishi's teacher. Omori Rotaishi is considered one of the preeminent modern masters in Zen, martial arts and calligraphy. Shiohira Sensei trained in Misogi Shugyo at the Ichikukai Dojo under Tesso Hino Sensei.
Shiohira Sensei has been training and teaching Aikido as THE WAY. Several of his students have become Aikido Masters (Shihan) or Zen Masters, and more advanced ones just continue training. He wants to maintain a dojo where one can be free from distractions, to see things as they truly are, and one can move continually towards living a fulfilled life.

Date: Saturday May 7, 2011 -All Aikidoka of all affiliations welcome
Place: To be announced
Cost: Pre-registration: $35.00 ($45.00 at the door) + $5.00 for food and drinks at Shinzen Dojo
3:30 - 5pm share food and good company at Shinzen Dojo in Clovis

Make checks payable to: Tammy Anderson Mail to: Shinzen Dojo
702 Pollasky Avenue
Clovis, Calif. 93612
(For more information call: (559) 323-1702)




Aikido of Berkeley

Creative Self Defense

Strategies For Personal Safety and Empowerment

Having a plan, practicing Awareness and practicing a few basic techniques can help prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime. Aikido of Berkeley has asked Tammy Lee Anderson Sensei to teach a seminar on creative self-defense. Participants will have the opportunity to explore self-defense strategies not usually covered in a normal Aikido class, like responding to an attack in small spaces, and on the ground. We will build on what you already know from your Aikido practice learning to apply low-level responses to more lethal responses in a violent attack. We will explore strikes to major target areas, as well as nerve strikes, to shock and even disable an attack, using hands, elbows, feet, knees, and alternative weapons.
This seminar is for the experienced Aikido practitioner as well non-martial artist's.
Come Join Us!

Location: Aikido of Berkeley
1352 South 49th St. Richmond, CA.94804
(510) 412-9999

Date: Friday April 27, 2007 : 6:30pm - 8:30pm and
Saturday April 28, 2007 :Time: 10:00am --12:00pm

Cost: $15.00 per class or $20.00 for both classes - advance registration please
$25 at the door

please make checks to: Tammy Lee Anderson
Send to: P.O. Box 802 Clovis, Calif. 93612

Anderson sensei brings a wealth of expertise and light heartedness to the subject of personal safety. She has been teaching Martial Arts at California State University, Fresno since 1999, and teaches Aikido, Self Defense, and Women's Personal Safety and Rape Prevention Courses. Sensei also offers seminars in Personal Safety Training for companies and private parties in the California Central Valley. Anderson Sensei has been practicing Aikido since 1982, has also studied Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu and is a student of Ninkage Ryu NinBujutsu. She is the chief instructor of Shinzen Dojo, Clovis Aikido and Meditation Center in Clovis, California. Shinzen Dojo is affiliated with Aikikai Hombu Dojo through the Pacific Aikido Federation under Hideki Shiohira Shihan. She brings to her Martial Arts practice a vast educational background holding a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Kinesiology and a Master of Science Degree (M.S.) in Marriage and Family Counseling from CSUF, her undergraduate studies earned her a B.A. in Theology and Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University.



Demonstrations and Training
All Non-martial artists and experienced martial artists welcome

DEC 6, 2008

Seminar Instructors:
Karaan/Sifu Glenn C. Abrescy,
Steven Macillas, Sensei
Tammy Lee Anderson, Sensei

For more information on these teachers go to :
Date: Saturday Dec 6, 2008
For more information call: (559)323-1702


About : Karaan/Sifu Glenn C. Abrescy

Karaan/Sifu Glenn Canonigo Abrescy, Grandmaster and Founder of Kemscrima-doh combined Chinese Kempo, Imua Kuntao and Filipino Escrima concepts to formulate his own combative brand of armed and unarmed self-defense. He Chairs the United States Kemscrima-doh Association/International Kemscrima-doh Federation. He has been involved in the martial arts, in a formal capacity, since 1956.

Sifu was born in America, in Isleton, CA where he learned escrima. Even at an early age, Sifu was already exposed to the aftermath of knifings and shootings that were a common occurrence in Isleton. His earliest recollection of escrima runs back to preschool days, watching his Uncle Damian Canalita and the many friends that came to his parents house to celebrate the close of a season of working the fields, usually in December. After working hard all summer, it was time to relax. Traditionally the women cooked and prepared the feast while the men where hard at playing escrima. They would start off with familiar drills, and the usual exchange of ideas. Bolder players would work up to exchanging blow for blow. On occasion, serious grudge or rival matches would take place, at times, against players from another party down the street looking for a formidable match to test or sharpen their skills. All in all, things would end well, they would sit down to eat, and the war stories would start pouring out. In the Filipino culture, the best escrimadore is, he, who has the best stories to tell.

Sifus mother, Paula Canonigo Abrescy, her brother Philimon and cousin Damian, were the only three members of the family to receive escrima instructions from Sifus great-grandfather, while growing up in the Philippines. It was Damian who passed the mantle of the familys traditional art and concepts of flowing to Sifu.

Sifus kempo roots trace all the way back to the early 1940s when Hawaii born, Rev. James M. Mitosi, 21st descendant of the founder of Kosho-Shorei Kempo, taught his style of kempo to local citizens. Amongst his students was Adriano D. Emperado, who would later go on to create the infamous Kajukembo Self-Defense System, a style ingrained in Kemscrima-doh.

Note: the word kempo (sometimes spelt kenpo) is the Japanese pronunciation for the Chinese ideograph or Chaun-fa.

Over the years Sifu slowly organized the system that would slowly involve into Kemscrima-doh. Today, Sifu and his family own the name Kemscrima-doh and all unconditional rights and privileged information surrounding the Art. As such, he oversees and maintains all the recognized bodies and events permitted to use the name. He believes his obligation to be a matter of family pride, rather than bottom-line profitability. He will go to great lengths to ensure that associates operating under the banner represent only quality programs that go beyond implied standards.



Womens Self Defense Workshop

This will be an afternoon workshop in creative self defense strategies for personal saftey and empowerment. Sensei Tammy Lee Anderson will be offering a 2 hour workshop on personal saftey strategies for women. Having a plan, practicing Awareness and practicing a few basic techniques can prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime. Sensei Anderson brings a wealth of expertise and light heartedness to the subject of personal saftey. Come Join Us!

Location: 702 Pollasky, Clovis CA.

Date: Call for upcoming dates in 2008

Time 6:30:-9:30pm:

cost: $20.00 per person - Pre Registration required

*** ask your freinds to come with you

Sign up early this class is limited to 20 students

To sign up call 323-1702

Creative Self Defense for Women

Private lessons in your home for groups of 6 or more

private workshops are 2 hours long

cost: $20.00 per person - Pre Registration / $25.00 at the door

call to schedule: Sensei Anderson: 323-1702

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