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Our Physical Reality Is Only One Frequency Within An Infinite Reality

Spiritual Mediumship Sessions

Spiritual Mediumship Sessions

Spiritual Mediumship is the practice of connecting with Loved ones who are in spirit. Communicating evidential information, and messages from those who have transitioned from physical form to spirit form for the purpose of bringing comfort and reassurance, Loved Ones still live on and are connected with us through Love.

Spiritual Mediumship: 45 Minute Session $85.00 | 1 person
($35 for each additional person)- All Appointments Via Zoom only

Online scheduling and payments are provided by VerySoul.com – you will be redirected to verysoul.com for scheduling and payment.   Note:  All Appointments are Non-Refundable, Every effort will be given with no guarantee of results.  

Please Note: We are experiencing very high demand for appointments.  Additional sessions will be opened on the first day of every month at 9 am PST, until filled, if no openings are available please try again the following month, our sincere apologies for any frustrations this may have caused. In January we will be on a whole new system that will be able to handle the demand more efficiently, until then, thank you for your kind patience.


Please see Terms and Conditions/ Disclaimer/ and Privacy Policy at footer of this page.

 * Connection with loved ones involves the interplay of the frequencies of the medium, the person receiving the communication, and those in spirit. The connection is achieved through the harmony and rapport between all three. Please do not let the outcome of the reading depend on hearing a specific piece of information or hearing from one specific person, this is up to those in spirit, and can leave you feeling disappointed. Please stay open to whatever comes through, as those in spirit see a bigger picture. 

“What we call death is but a different vibrational experience than the physical, tuning into the vibrational experience of loved ones in spirit is like tuning into a radio, and the dial to the radio is the heart”

~Tammy Lee Anderson

Spiritual Drawings


Facilitating Communication with Loved Ones in Spirit Through Artistic Mediumship


Tammy’s approach to bridging the physical and spiritual realms sometimes involves a unique practice of drawing.  She first started with simple sketches in her mediumship as a way to get into a flow state, to move out of her mind and into her heart. Tammy never drew portraits before and has done minimal drawing in her life, and early sketches reflected her lack of skill and training in drawing. Until one day when she was giving a communication for a mother who’s son is in spirit. His name is Jon, he spoke very clearly to her: “stop, turn the paper over and start over, and this time, relax, and let the energy flow, just let it come through you, don’t try, just let it flow”, it ended up he was an artist and he drew portraits ! to this day Tammy feels the presence and influence of Jon in her sketches and her mediumship, he continues to encourage her to relax and just let the energy flow.

What is truly remarkable is the striking resemblance often found between the sketches and photographs of departed loved ones that clients sometimes send after their sessions. This uncanny likeness serves as a powerful validation from loved ones in spirit that they are still right here. Tammy affirms this is spirit working through her, and gives full credit to those in spirit for the drawings.

Tammy extends an invitation to those interested in experiencing this intriguing form of mediumship; while there are no promises, she will set the intention to create a drawing during your session, offering the possibility of a profound connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

distand healing session

Distant Healing

When the body’s energy is balanced and flowing harmoniously, its innate wisdom for homeostasis and wholeness can initiate healing. With the guidance of Tammy’s spirit helpers, she assists clients in harnessing their own self-healing potential to address any energetic imbalances within their bio-field. During the Distant Healing process, you’ll be encouraged to relax in a seated or reclining position. Tammy will lead you through a relaxation process, allowing you to enter a receptive state for healing to occur.

Remember, all healing is self-healing; spirit helpers and Tammy are present to facilitate the ideal conditions for healing. At times, Tammy may enter a deep trance state during or after your session to further assist spirit in the healing process. While instant healing can occur, more often, healing unfolds gradually.

Consider that injuries typically occur rapidly, while healing is most often a gradual process. Reflect on your life experiences, such as recovering from a cut or injury, and the miraculous ability of the body to heal over time. Healing, in most cases, is a process. So, please keep in mind that healing will occur, it may manifest as a gradual unfolding within your body and mind.

Healing Session: $85.00 – 45 Minutes

Online scheduling and payments are provided by VerySoul.com
All Appointments Via Zoom

Please see Terms and Conditions/ Disclaimer/ and Privacy Policy at footer of this page.

Note:  All Appointments are Non-Refundable, Every effort will be given with no guarantees of results. 



Dear Tammy

You were recommended to me by my friend E., as a distant healer. I had a severe stomach crisis and I had a lot of pain.

I wish to THANK YOU so much because after our private session, and your recommendations, which I followed, I could see the results after a short week. Now after a month, my health has really improved, and I can say that I have no more pain or side effects. I will contact you in a few weeks so we can have another session. Thank You very much for your help.

J….from Switzerland


Dear Tammy Lee
Was amazing! when you were doing the healing I felt the presence of Jesus around
me… I felt surrounded by Love and healing. I have not had any more pain since this
distant healing session. Thank You so much! Love and Gratitude,

Terrie from Calif.


Thank you so much Tammy for sharing your healing energies with me during my bout with COVID earlier this year. Your daily sessions helped me avoid worsening symptoms and regain my strength quickly. I deeply appreciate your beautiful energy and healing! Love to you,

Sally from NC.


wellness counseling

Wellness Counseling

Wellness counseling is a collaborative and client-centered approach to promoting holistic well-being and overall health. The primary focus of wellness counseling is on empowering and supporting clients in personal growth and wellness and may encompass physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual aspects of well-being.

Examples of topics of focus may include:

  • Navigating through Loss and Grief
  • Strategies for Living with chronic pain and illness
  • Facing Death with Dignity and Peace
  • Strategies for Navigating fear and anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy for health
  • Wellness Counseling for any topic of current concern

It’s important to note that wellness counseling is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment but rather complements traditional healthcare services by promoting proactive and preventative measures for overall well-being.

Wellness Counseling Session: 45 Minutes – $125.

Online scheduling and payments are provided by VerySoul.com
All Appointments Via Zoom

Please see Terms and Conditions/ Disclaimer/ and Privacy Policy at footer of this page.

Note:  All Appointments are Non-Refundable, Every effort will be given with no guarantees of results. 


Group Distant Healing Sessions

Free Group Distant Healing Sessions

If you would like to receive free healing all you need do is:

Fill out our contact form to be added to the Healing Prayer Book and you will be included in the free group healing . Held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 am PST.

During the session we will not be connected online, but we will be connected in spirit (the Greater Internet!). It is most effective if at the time you can sit quietly or lay down and be comfortable to receive the healing. You may feel a warmth or tingling, or no sensation at all, just relaxation. And you may fall asleep, which is wonderful !  

Next session will begin at 10am PST December 16, 2023



Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still and Know that I AM

Be Still and Know

Be Still


Be Still


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